"I'm happy to announce that I just finished the first draft of my first ever manuscript. I'm really excited that I finally completed it. This was a marathon...not a sprint (something my "sprinter's mind" constantly struggled with). But the grueling task of writing a novel was well worth the patience, blood, sweat and tears that are required."   —Nikki



The Station is a novel about Ensign Amelia Brown, a junior Naval Officer who is tasked with investigating the murder of her division’s leading chief petty officer. Amelia must leave her ship, a space ship called the USS Midway, and head to a dangerous mining station, to conduct her investigation in a somewhat alien world that is over a thousand miles away. 

The mining station, a privately owned installation, jointly mined by marines and a biomedical research company turns out to be a nightmare for Ensign Brown and her investigative team. She soon discovers that the mining station, while abundant with valuable natural resources, is infested with dead people who have become parastic hosts and, thus, reanimated into ravenous cannibals.
            Amelia must not only find a way off the station, but she must figure out who she can trust in the process.

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