Soul Bird

Little bird, little bird. Fly away into the wind’s soft caress,

Be guided not by its cruel direction, for chaos is it’s brother and you have no kin. Rather float with it, in decadent ease.

Fear not the darkness as night falls, for it makes light shine to its purest form and becomes your compass. 

The darkest of moments are when direction may be found.

Be not distracted by the temptresses and thieves, for they lurk behind night’s curtain and flatter the weak.

So find strength in your heart and drink from your will, for if you don’t you will surely die. 

But be cautious while you drink. Your heart and will are often tainted, by a bad poison that may be your demise and cause you to fall dead from the sky. 

Let your drink come from that untouched place that is in accord with nature’s song and has been untouched by selfish desires. 

And in your greatest hour of peril, when your wings grow tired, fly not to the open cages. They will call to you and offer you a warm nest. There is only misery in these false offerings. Their doors may shut while you sleep, and you may never fly again.

Forget your weariness and go. Transcend to the highest nest, for if you fall from it, time will remember your long journey and slow,

 so that you may spread your wings and fly again.

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