Nikki Peoples is a writer who enjoys exploring, learning about different people and writing about various topics. Having served more than 17 years in the Navy and having worked as a licensed acupuncturist for the state of Georgia, Nikki brings to her readers a breadth of unique life experiences. 

Nikki's love of cinema and literature has been the greatest influence on her decision to write. She has a preference for writing science fiction and fantasy fiction in her spare time.



  • B.S. in English (1997)                    U.S. Naval Academy –Annapolis, MD 
  • M.S. in Global Leadership (2004)    University of San Diego —San Diego, CA,           
  • M.S. in Acupuncture (2006)            AFEA —Gainesville, FL
  • MFA in Creative Writing (2014)       Spalding University —Louisville, KY                         

Other Hobbies:

   Nikki loves outdoor activities. She grew up participating in all sorts of activities from playing basketball and running track in high school to skiing and rock climbing. In college she was a member of the women's rugby club.

   As an adult, she has continued to play sports on the international stage. She has been a member of the San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby Team, the Atlanta Harlequiens Women's Rugby Team and the Atlanta Kookaburras Women's Australian Rules Football team.

She has also played for both the Pacific and South 7s Rugby Women's All Star Teams as well as been a member of the U.S. Australian Rules Football League Women's National Team from 2007-2011, 2013.

Nikki still continues to remain active by regularly attending yoga classes, Budokon seminars, practicing jiu jitsu, playing touch rugby, footy, hiking and basically anything that gets her "qi" moving!

She also likes to play with her pets, draw and watch movies when she can scrape up any additional free time.


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